better business

The New Year is often viewed as the perfect time to clean the slate and to establish positive habits and goals. Lose weight. Join that art class you’ve always wanted to try. Save more money each month. Starting fresh offers a renewed sense of purpose and a chance to kick off January with a bang.

Most resolutions are personal and a way for people to commit to bettering themselves. However, businesses can benefit from a New Year’s Resolution, too. Here are three types of resolutions to improve your business in 2015:

Invest in Your People

Your employees work hard, but are they as invested as they could be? When people are unhappy with their jobs, they may not show up consistently, they often produce less and their work quality can suffer. Workers who feel valued and respected by their employers are more engaged and productive. Focus on your employees in 2015. Invest in them by offering benefits like flexible schedules or wellness programs. A well-designed wellness program with the right incentives shows you care about your employees’ well-being. Offer team outings and company events several times a year. They create camaraderie and allow coworkers to get to know each other outside the workplace. Good people are important to any organization and are instrumental to its success. Attracting talent is not just about competitive pay, but about fostering a work environment where people want to stay and grow with you.

Give More

All businesses can find ways to give back without negatively affecting their profit margin. In some instances, giving back may even lead to higher profits, as global consumers are increasingly willing to reward companies that give back to society by choosing their products. Take a look at your charitable platform and consider how your company can give back in 2015. Is it a volunteer day for employees? A corporate sponsorship towards a charity walk? A fundraiser which aligns with your company’s values? To start, survey employees about what charities and issues matter most to them. Consider aligning elements of your charitable giving with their interests. You can boost office morale and ROI by bringing a little good to the world.

Think Sustainable

Smart companies know that a more sustainable workplace can mean a smaller footprint and a healthier environment, and even the smallest of changes can make a meaningful difference. Consider adding a company-wide sustainability platform to your 2015 resolutions. Determine which environmental initiative is most important to your company and go from there. Starbucks, for example, recognizes that its energy use is the company’s single biggest contributor to its environmental footprint, so it has become a large consumer of renewable energy. More than half of its total energy consumption is through renewable energy, and it plans to power 100 percent of its stores with Renewable Energy Credits by 2015.

These three resolutions are just a few ways you can better your business in 2015. December is drawing to a close, so now is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and make plans for the future. What will your New Year’s Resolution be?