3 Paths for Plugging in to Better Energy Management. Following the lead of mayors and governors across the country, last month President Obama announced energy as a priority for the year. By focusing on energy management, organizations are contributing to the transformation of energy use in the country, saving billions in energy costs and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Read more at greenbiz.com.

Work Out in One Minute. It might not feel like it, but warmer weather really is just around the corner. If your winter body isn’t exactly beach ready, there is still hope — with the right tools in your wheelhouse. The secret to shedding fat fast is exercise intensity, study after study has found, including a recent one from the American Journal of Health Promotion. Read more at weather.com.

Majority of Sustainable Foods Produced in Latin America is Exported. Latin America has become a major producer and exporter of sustainable foods, but its domestic market has lagged, according to research by Organic Monitor. The region has an 18 percent share, or 6.8 million hectares, of global organic farmland. More than $1 billion worth of organic products is exported from Latin American every year. Read more at environmentalleader.com.