50 Ways to Teach With Current Events. How can we make sure that students are informed about what’s going on around the world? That they are armed with the tools to be able to distinguish between opinion and fact; between evidence-based statements and empty rhetoric; between sensationalism and solid journalism? Just like most other things in life, the best way to do all that is through practice. Read more at

The 4-Year Versus 2-Year Degree Debate: Myths, Stereotypes and Realities of Today’s Higher Education Landscape. On Thursday, October 23rd, my company Viridis Learning hosted our first annual Education & Technology Summit at Los Angeles Mission College in Southern California. Some of the top minds from these disciplines convened at this event, including former U.S. Secretary of Education William J. Bennett, former President of Mexico and former CEO of Coca-Cola Mexico Vicente Fox Quesada, and Eloy Oakley, Director and George R. Boggs, President and CEO Emeritus, both of the American Association of Community Colleges. Read more at

Global Educators Met In Qatar To Make Schools Everywhere More Progressive. When I decided to travel halfway around the world to a conference on global education in the Persian Gulf, I didn’t expect to find a message that is aligned so neatly with the current trendy perspective in the West. Our media so often presents a picture of the non-Western other: worlds apart, with a conflicting value system. That’s not what I saw while in Doha, Qatar. Read more at