8 Virus Outbreaks In 3 Months. Reports hit the news of another Princess Cruise with a boatload of sick passengers. This time it was the Crown Princess, on a weeklong voyage along the coast of Southern California and Mexico, with an outbreak of norovirus. The back-to-back outbreaks certainly seem to suggest that the ship was not cleaned thoroughly enough. Read more at forbes.com.

6 Steps to Boost Innovation Through Mindfulness. The more distractions you add to your mind, the less mindful you are and the more mind-filled you become. I would think at this point it would be fairly obvious why people might experience overload: There’s simply no more room. Read more at greenbiz.com.

The Inconvenient Truth about Mobile Apps for B2B Sales & Marketing. The greatest misconception of app development is that once the software is built, the development ends.” In fact, the opposite is true. Like it or not, mobile software is an ongoing service, not a one-and-done product. Read more at dmnews.com.

4 Steps to Keep Food Waste From Super-Sizing Climate Change. Food waste is one of the most overlooked causes of climate change and is gaining international attention as a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Health, safety and environmental managers and others focused on managing resource inputs and carbon outputs no longer can ignore this piece of the sustainability pie. Read more at greenbiz.com.