About Josh Renihan

Josh Renihan is the Commercial & Regional Marketing Director for SCA AfH Professional Hygiene North America. Josh leads strategy development for targeted end-customer segments and delivers segment specific product and marketing solutions. His industry experience spans 15 years and includes a diverse background in sales and market management, quality, global strategic planning, business management and customer marketing.


4 Ways to Give Visitors and Tenants a High-End Experience

Luxury is on the rise in office buildings, restaurants, hotels and more. Visitors expect a high-quality experience from the moment they enter the lobby, and expect that to follow when visiting the restroom. Here are 4 tips to give visitors and tenants a premium experience that will make a lasting impression. 1.    Let the Light […]

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How a Business Can Show Its True Colors

Branding is a key component to a company’s success. It is the quintessential tool for how consumers relate to different products and services. A “brand” by definition, means a type of product manufactured by a company under a particular name. But it is much more than that. A brand can be associated by a logo, […]

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5 Things You Can Do to Market Your Office Space

It’s the little things that count and having an attractive and well-kept office can boost your bottom line in more ways than one.  Improving the workplace in design and convenience can help you keep and attract prospective customers, employers and tenants to your business. Here are five areas to pay special attention to better market […]

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Students Drive Paper Change at Tulane | Tork BBC

Listening to students’ concerns about the environmental impact of the campus paper policy, administrators at Tulane University made several changes on how it handled waste reduction. Student members of the Tulane Environmental Action League learned that the bath tissues and hand towels used on campus were made with virgin fiber from trees, rather than recycled […]

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Creating a Better Business, Hands Down | Tork BBC

To gain a competitive edge, businesses must distinguish themselves by going above and beyond just delivering innovative products to consumers. Leaders need to reinvigorate their business by focusing on customer and employee needs in order to achieve better results in the long run— a better-business, hands-down approach.     Why focus on customers and employees? Obviously, […]

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The Office Bathroom is a Battleground for Winning (and Keeping) Class A Tenants | Tork BBC

The quality of a business space often translates into the quality of the business provided. As a result, building owners are constantly considering ways to upgrade their facilities to attract and retain quality tenants.  A critical area in ensuring tenant satisfaction in Class A buildings is the restroom facilities. Surveys have suggested that a patron’s […]

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Create a Sustainable Experience for Sports Fans | Tork BBC

As millions of fans attend live sporting events each year, a stadium’s attention to detail will have a huge impact on the experience – even if the home team loses.  Everything from hiring the right on-site personnel to well-maintained trash cans affect the perception of a stadium’s – and a team’s – brand image.  Facility […]

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Better Business Center

LEED Environmental Certification at the Cira Centre | Tork BBC

SCA Tissue North America provides environmentally responsible solutions that care for millions of people around the world every day.  Caring for the environment is a core value that is found within SCA’s Scandinavian roots and is reflected in how we conduct business and interact within the communities that we globally serve.  When the company moved […]

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