About Joshua Radoff

Joshua Radoff, the co-founder and Principal of YR&G sustainability consultants, has a background in sustainable energy engineering and works at the intersection of the energy, climate, and green building fields. He is a regular speaker on sustainability issues and the LEED rating systems and has consulted on hundreds of sustainability projects for both public and private sector clients, nationally and internationally. Radoff brings a broad knowledge of waste reduction methods, water efficiency programs, green site and building exterior maintenance, recyclable products and renewable energy offsets.


New LEED Rules Catch up With Green Building Industry

There are few things I can think of that change as fast as the green building industry. Even the regular iPhone updates don’t seem to keep pace with all of the new technologies, design tools, best practices and expanding areas of emphasis that make green building as much of a moving target as anything else […]

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Sun and Wind Lead Renewable Power Boom

Renewable energy is on a tear, especially solar and wind power, yet nobody seems to know it. Perhaps it is time to start paying closer attention. What used to be a fringe industry limited to eco-zealous homeowners, renewable energy is now a booming global phenomenon. In the U.S., the renewable movement is capturing headlines like […]

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How cities are evolving to accommodate sustainable living

Last month, I was reading Rebuilding on Their Own in the New York Times about the resiliency of cities in the face of disaster, and it got me thinking: how do cities adapt for changing environmental, social and physical contexts?  People are resilient – they find ways to rebuild from the ground up, creating their […]

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Bullitt Center

Can a building produce as much energy as it consumes? A ‘Net Zero’ Building Set to Open its Doors

Using less is one of the key concepts of sustainability. Conserving energy, diverting waste from landfills and reducing the consumption of raw materials are core components of what “green” means to businesses and consumers today.  But how much is less? If saving energy is good, wouldn’t not using any energy be better? As regulators and […]

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Weight-loss Apps Offer Encouragement on Creating Lasting Sustainability | Tork BBC

June’s Atlantic Monthly article on “The Perfected Self” looks at how behavior change – once thought to be a form of Orwellian Mind control – as the missing ingredient of our social problems. The main focus of behavior change has been to improve health and lose weight, but the applications for sustainability – on a personal and societal level – are wide reaching. 

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Bathroom Reading: Why restrooms stink when it comes to sustainability | Tork BBC

I’ve just returned from a week-long business trip, essentially a jaunt through office buildings and airports, as well of course, their respective restrooms. As a lover of all things green, one observation warmed my soul and another caused my stomach to churn (quite literally).  The first is the fact that airports and public facilities, from […]

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Group of a businesspeople standing together.

More Executives are Implementing Sustainability Practices | Tork BBC

For three years now the MIT Sloan Management Review has worked with the Boston Consulting Group to survey executives on the implementation of sustainability practices.  Covering a vast swath of sectors the report provides insight into how things are moving generally with regard to sustainability and also serves as a reason to reflect on how the construction industry is facing the issue in relative terms. The report, titled “Sustainability Nears a Tipping Point” can be found here: http://sloanreview.mit.edu/feature/sustainability-strategy/

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Benchmarking Performance for Sustainable Healthcare Facilities | Tork BBC

Ever since LEED for Healthcare was launched in 2010, I’ve fielded a lot of questions about the best way to approach a sustainability program from a healthcare perspective. To benchmark the sustainability performance in a healthcare facility, it helps to have a framework that uses meaningful metrics to track performance. The following are a few […]

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Five Ways to Create a More Sustainable School | Tork BBC

Schools are the perfect places for great sustainability programs. You have a motivated population, a mandate to teach, and relatively self-contained environment with a high amount of control over the way things are done. The following are five ways to take your campus sustainability initiative to the next level: 1.Get on Board with the Basics […]

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