About Sue Uner

Sue Uner is the Product Manager at SCA AfH Professional Hygiene North America and leads the development and execution of innovative customer solutions and go-to-market strategies. Since she first started working at SCA AfH Professional Hygiene North America in April of 2003, Sue has been the key product developer in producing the driest incontinent brief and creating an additional incontinent pant. She has also served as a supporting product developer for three new pant machines in North America.


Sanitizing Your Business from Pain Points

Most managers have a good idea of what needs to be done when it comes to maintaining their business. For example, everyone knows that when there is a spill, someone needs to clean it up. 

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How Tork® Wipers Can Boost your Business’ Performance | Tork BBC

The performance of a wiper is the most important factor in the consumer’s mind when choosing a wiper. The reason for this is that wipers need to accomplish very specific tasks, such as wiping and cleaning faces and hands, surfaces, and equipment. Some of the specific applications for these tasks are cleaning glass, cleaning up […]

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