The Economics of Foodservice Face Severe Pressures

As the debate about increasing the minimum wage rages on, foodservice operators are dealing with the realities of cutting costs. While the need to maintain a successful business is still the first priority, addressing minimum wage changes is just one more issue business owners face to keep labor costs under control. Foodservice operators have options […]

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Realize the Power of Tabletop Marketing – Join our Special Webinar

Want customers to come back to your restaurant? Looking for a way to increase sales and customer recommendations? Learn how to take advantage of tabletop marketing to generate a new stream of sales to boost your restaurant’s bottom line. Join me and Michael White, of the National Restaurant Association’s Business Research unit as we partner […]

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5 Ways Restaurants Can Better Accommodate Large Parties

Accommodating a big group of diners is challenging for restaurants. The expectation of the guests is the same as if they were dining in a small group, but large groups require unique needs. Disappointing a big group can hurt business – think of all the poor Yelp reviews! – so finding ways to properly service […]

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Warm Welcome: How to Make Your Restaurant Space Inviting

When you go out to eat, how do you choose your place of choice? Is it the food? The prices? The location? These considerations are important, but there’s another factor that makes a restaurant stand out: the dining experience. Restaurant owners need to give customer’s an enjoyable dining experience so they will want to come […]

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3 Tips for Promoting Hand Hygiene

Here’s a startling thought: on average, we touch about 300 surfaces every half hour. That means we’re exposed to roughly 840,000 germs every 30 minutes – the time it takes to eat a meal.  With many patrons visiting restaurants each night and multiple people involved in preparing and serving food, minimizing the spread of those […]

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3 Tactics to Stop Allergens from Making Your Restaurant Sick

Are you prepared to cater to the 15 million Americans affected by food allergies? It is important for operators to understand the needs and precautions required when serving guests with allergies; that’s why this year’s National Food Safety Month will spotlight the increasing importance of food allergen awareness. Each year, food allergies lead to approximately […]

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September is Dine Out for No Kid Hungry – How Creativity Can Help Fight Childhood Hunger

Dine Out for No Kid Hungry kicks off in a couple of days as part of Share our Strength’s mission to end childhood hunger in the U.S. Last year, the annual campaign finished with a record number of more than 8,200 participating restaurants — raising $5.9 million overall. Creativity and commitment drove last year’s record-setting […]

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Simple Ideas to Attract Customers with Seasonal Menu Items

Seasonal changes can have substantial impact on your business and monthly cash flow. As a result, it’s up to restaurant owners to come up with new menu offerings to keep customers interested all year. Offering items exclusive to certain seasons for a limited time is a great strategy to draw new and existing customers because […]

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