Trouble is Brewing for the Coffee Industry. Leaf rust is devastating Central American farmers, affecting 50 percent of crops, and ruining millions of bags of coffee. If you made yourself a nice cup of coffee this morning, you likely didn’t stop to wonder about how secure the coffee supply chain is. It’s easy to take coffee for granted, as it’s so readily available. Read more at treehugger.com.

How to Fill the Gap for Corporate Green Power. As the corporate green power market is heating up, it’s a brand new world for a new class of players in the renewable energy realm: wholesale power brokers. Corporate green power is a fast-growing business for wind developers like Apex Clean Energy, the firm hired by Ikea to build and operate its Illinois wind farm. Read more at greenbiz.com.

Health Experts See Benefits in Push to Cut Pollution. Pollution from power plants will not just fight climate change, but will also quickly improve public health, preventing up to 100,000 asthma attacks and 2,100 heart attacks in the first year the rules take effect. Public health experts said Monday that if the president could make the new rules stick, reductions in air pollution would be likely to pay off in better health. Read more at nytimes.com.