Copper Surfaces Fight Bacterial Infection. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted a public health registration to certain copper alloys for its ability to kill specific bacteria, including MRSA and e-coli. Hospitals are indeed dangerous places, and the emerging statistics on hospital-acquired infections (HAI) are more dire than ever. Read more at forbes.com.

5 Proactive Tips for Your New Restaurant Website. Opening a new restaurant can feel a lot like a tornado, with construction dust, equipment boxes, new employees and all those permits and bills swirling around your head. It’s both a very stressful, and very exciting time, with lots of important decisions to be made—one of which involves your website. Read more at restaurantnews.com.

12 Smoothie Hacks To Help You Slim Down This Summer. As hard as it is to believe as you’re bundling up in scarves and ear muffs, warmer weather is on the way! And while a frozen drink might not seem like the perfect way to prep, fruit-and-veggie-packed smoothies can be a perfect supplement to your beach-body gym routine. Read more at huffingtonpost.com.