States Take Steps To Make Sure Kids Get Vaccinated Before School. As outbreaks of preventable diseases have spread around the country in recent years, some states have been re-evaluating how and why they allow parents to opt their children out of vaccines required for school attendance. Read more at huffingtonpost.com.

Education Needs to Change as Fast as Technology. More Americans go to college than ever. But how many think about the return they will get from tuition payments that can easily reach $200,000? Up to half are unemployed or underemployed a year after graduation. And two-thirds say they need further training and instruction to enter the workforce, reports Accenture . Read more at forbes.com.

When College Isn’t Worth It. When is college not worth it? Because, lo and behold, sometimes it isn’t. Here are the three broad cases in which a college education, in fact, does not pay. Read more at npr.org.