Fast-Food Workers Could Face Robot Armageddon. For three decades now, the idea that robots will replace fast-food workers has been more of a pipe dream of tightwad business owners than a reality. But a group of engineers claims to have finally found a way to get rid of pesky humans once and for all. Momentum Machines of San Francisco has invented a fully-automated contraption that can grind meat, slice tomatoes, grill patties, wrap fully cooked burgers and do pretty much anything else human fast-food workers can do. Read more at huffingtonpost.com.

Why we REALLY Need Protected Bike Lanes in the Countryside. Having previously lived in the North Carolina countryside for several years, and watched (mostly poor) people traverse dangerous grass verges on the side of a busy road, it seems to me that many rural American communities could benefit from similar bike infrastructure. Here are just a few of the reasons why bike lanes/footpaths are at least as important in the countryside as they are in the city. Read more at treehugger.com.

Print Is Down, and Now Out. Jeff Bezos, an avatar of digital innovation as the founder of Amazon, came out of nowhere and plunked down $250 million for The Washington Post. His vote of confidence in the future of print and serious news was seen by some  as a sign that an era of “optimism or potential” for the industry was getting underway. Turns out, not so much — quite the opposite, really. Read more at nytimes.com.

  • Greg Mauer

    Bring it on!!! Be a lot more sanitary than most fast food workers are. The food stinks in these places. Maybe robots can improve it. At least they won’t spit on it or worse.

  • onceproudamerican

    “For three decades now, the idea that robots will replace fast-food workers has been more of a pipe dream of tightwad business owners than a reality.”

    Thanks to an overabundance of needless and incomprehensible regulations on employers, YOUR job will be next. Only a fool would hire a human in the current climate unless they absolutely had to have them.

    Elections have consequences, and those who trust the government to ‘look after’ them have sealed their own doom…

  • day5

    Right, the decline of the American middle class and the working poor is the fault of the $10 hr fast food worker, not the Wall Street bankers and Corp CEOs moving jobs overseas. The trickle down theory is nothing more than the rich tinkling on the poor and middle class. Unfortunately, these low paying jobs are among the only ones available to the working poor. These people need to live somewhere and eat something. Their job at McDonalds or BK allow them to participate in the market and though it is a struggle they mostly get by. Remove the jobs and the alternatives for them and the country are much worse.

    • Katarina Molnar Bernatovich

      working poor? MickeyD’s is not a career. The people being hurt are high school kids.

    • Gary Webster

      Option one work longer hours like me. Option two make yourself more valuable. Add skills, education (such as reading books, online material, online courses.) take more responsibilities and/or risks. Fast food is a starter job. I started there now I am slightly upper middle class.

  • Dave

    you want $15.00/hr to flip burgers, at that pay rate robots are affordable tools.