Five Industries Set To Benefit From The U.S.-Cuba Thaw. For two generations, Cuba has been tantalizingly out of reach of American investment. U.S. companies have watched their European, Latin American and Asian competitors establish beachheads on an island that used to be dominated by American interests. Read more at www.forbes.com

Capturing Carbon as a Byproduct of Running a Fuel Cell.  DANBURY, Conn. — The more that engineers look, the more they find unexpected ways to capture carbon dioxide, a gas that scientists say threatens global climate stability. Until now, most efforts to capture carbon have been expensive, in dollars and in energy. A coal-fired power plant that grabbed carbon before it escaped into the atmosphere would lose an enormous portion of its energy output in the process. Read more at www.nytimes.com

Trends In The Solar Industry: Capital Costs Drop, While Solar Companies Re-invent Themselves. Mercatus just released its North America Solar Trend Report for the first half of 2014. It’s worth paying attention to, as it highlights some interesting industry trends. For those new to Mercatus, the company started in 2009 with the express goal of creating a software platform that would provide more transparency to investors. The idea, according to CEO Haresh Patel was to close “a massive gap between capital markets and developers building projects. They weren’t finding each other, or speaking the same language.” As a result, there were significant inefficiencies that needed to be addressed. Read more at www.forbes.com