Pros and Cons of Open Restaurant Kitchens

In today’s “Information Age,” where transparency and information sharing inform how we live our lives, it isn’t surprising that restaurants are adopting a new, more visible approach to preparing food. There has been a movement toward the open kitchen concept – where food is prepared in plain sight. It provides customers direct access to information […]

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“Please Take One:” How to Encourage Customers Not to Waste

Reducing waste has significant economic, environmental and social benefits and is a priority for many businesses. If you are looking to reduce your company’s waste, customers may be the key. With a little encouragement, they can help you dramatically reduce the amount of waste your business produces every day through simple actions, like taking only […]

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Why Presentations Always Die After 10 Minutes And How To Rescue Them

Why Presentations Always Die After 10 Minutes And How To Rescue Them. Your audience will mentally check out of your next PowerPoint presentation after about 10 minutes.  Given a presentation of moderately interesting content, your audiences’ attention will “plummet to near zero” after 9 minutes and 59 seconds. Read more at forbes.com. Don’t Panic About […]

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Learning the Art of Lunch Meetings

You’re at lunch with a colleague meeting a potential client. Everyone has arrived on time. A few ice-breaking laughs were shared as you all were seated at the table. The lunch meeting is off to a tremendous start….then it happens. Your co-worker sneezes into his hand, continues talking and then proceeds to grab bread from […]

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4 Major Signs You Need to Invest in Social Media for Your Restaurant

4 Major Signs You Need to Invest in Social Media for Your Restaurant. If you aren’t yet on the social media bandwagon, you might be wondering how it could help your restaurant. Just about every restaurant can benefit from social media. In fact, here are four major signs you need to invest in social media […]

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How to Get a 360-Degree View of an Email Subscriber

How to Get a 360-Degree View of an Email Subscriber. Emails without intel don’t do much good for marketers who want to craft relevant campaigns. About 40% of marketers say sending compelling content is the most effective email strategy. Another 11% cite segmentation, and an additional 10% point to personalization. But to apply any of […]

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Health Conern: Are Apples Safe to Eat?

Health Conern: Are Apples Safe to Eat? Apples, apple juice and applesauce are staples in the diets of millions of children, so if there are potential risks to kids from DPA, we need to know now. Read more at huffingtonpost.com. Plastic Bottle Recycling, Recycled PET Price Increases. Plastic polyethylene terephthalate bottle recycling has increased 53 […]

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3 Tips to Building a Long-Term Relationship with Customers

Building relationships with customers leads to success, especially in a B2B environment where communication is more constant between both parties. According to research, 70 percent of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. The customer experience — whether they are new or existing customers — will impact their decision […]

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