Copper Surfaces Fight Bacterial Infection

Copper Surfaces Fight Bacterial Infection. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted a public health registration to certain copper alloys for its ability to kill specific bacteria, including MRSA and e-coli. Hospitals are indeed dangerous places, and the emerging statistics on hospital-acquired infections (HAI) are more dire than ever. Read more at forbes.com. 5 Proactive Tips [...]

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Committing to Customer Experience Brings Success

Committing to Customer Experience Brings Success. Companies with higher satisfaction scores generally share several characteristics, including C-level support for customer experience, an integrated brand promise and customer experience, and consistency in business decisions and the overall customer experience itself. Read more at dmnews.com. Shortage Causes Lime Price to Double. A recent shortage and spike in [...]

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Four Millennial Marketing Myths

Four Millennial Marketing Myths. There’s a major demographic shift happening in the United States—one that marketers can’t afford to ignore: The millennial generation is an estimated 86 million strong in the U.S., and these 18- to 33-year-olds are already making an impact on the social, political, and financial scenes. Accounting for nearly $1.3 trillion dollars [...]

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True Value is Measured on Experiences

True Value is Measured on Experiences. Spending money on experiences instead of material goods is not only better for the environment, but also makes us happier. It turns out that most people actually know this. So why do we continue to accumulate so much stuff? Read more at treehugger.com. What Do You Do Before Your Speech? What [...]

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Social Marketing in 2014: The New Normal

Social Marketing in 2014: The New Normal. Social marketing made big strides in 2013. From a surge in time spent on social in mobile to the introduction of advanced targeting strategies, social continued its migration to the mainstream and helped marketers reach more consumers than ever before. Reach alone, though, has never been the smart marketers’ [...]

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Why Creating Strong Supplier Relationships is Key

Why Creating Strong Supplier Relationships is Key. The ability to consistently deliver high quality food and beverages is one of the biggest factors determining any restaurant’s success. Suppliers play a vital role in that behind the scenes, ensuring that restaurants receive the quality products they need on time to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations. [...]

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