Infection control and prevention in long-term care facilities is critical to resident care and safety. In fact, studies show how hand hygiene alone can save medical facilities up to $2.8 billion in direct costs1. Furthermore, 80% of patients see hand hygiene posters and signage as a sign of cleanliness in facilities2.

Johnathon Gregory, Director of Maintenance at Symphony of Dyer, understands full well the importance of implementing hand hygiene practices and cleanliness to prevent Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). He shares how hand hygiene protocols are incorporated in all aspects of this senior living and rehabilitation facility in Dyer, Indiana, from staff training and orientation, to posters and signage at critical points of infection, such as kitchen prep areas and nursing stations.

Evidence-based design research also demonstrates how the physical environment can impact caregiver performance and patient well being3. As a result, Symphony of Dyer has installed paper towel dispensers that not only perform to the task of reducing cross-contamination and HAIs, but also fit in with the design and décor of the facility.

Watch the video below to see how hand hygiene plays a vital role in saving lives at Symphony of Dyer.

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