Help! I Can’t Sleep. You toss, you turn. You wake up in the middle of the night. You’ve tried going to bed early. You’ve tried staying up late hoping you’ll eventually crash. But seriously, why can’t you just fall asleep? Dr. James Maas, the best-selling author of PowerSleep and acclaimed former Cornell professor (he also coined the term “power nap”) knows why. “Americans don’t value sleep,” says Maas. “70% are sleep deprived, but most don’t realize it and are working zombies.” Here’s a cheat sheet on how you can get the ideal amount of sleep—and the very real consequences if you don’t. Read more at

Mindfulness Isn’t Just Mind Medicine, It’s Also Good For Your Heart. New research has found a convincing link between mindfulness and improved cardiovascular health. Researchers from Brown University say they’ve uncovered evidence suggesting that “dispositional mindfulness” is directly associated with scores on four of seven cardiovascular health indicators, and better health overall. Dispositional mindfulness is defined by the researchers as “an awareness of what we are thinking and feeling in the moment.” Read more at

Compound In Cocoa May Reverse Age-Related Memory Loss. A new study in Nature Neuroscience finds that high doses of flavanols – compounds isolated from cocoa – may reverse the normal memory loss that comes with age. The researchers created a drink with very high flavanol content for the study’s participants who ranged from 50 to 69 years old and didn’t suffer from any kind of memory loss other than what you would expect with normal aging. The good news, say the researchers, is that this study is the first to show a causal link between ingested flavanols and changes in memory and brain function. The bad news is that you probably won’t see the same benefits from administering yourself larger doses of chocolate bars. Read more at