How Millennials Will Dictate The Future Of Fast Food. Roughly defined as young adults ages 18 to 33, Millennials have, in the past seven years, embarked on a trend that should make any restaurant owner scared stiff: they’ve slowed their restaurant visits. Read more at forbes.com.

It Ain’t Easy Being a Green Marketer. There’s nothing worse than espousing ‘green’ in messaging and then having the public find out that a company is doing something environmentally irresponsible, like contaminating resources with production byproducts or waste. Read more at dmnews.com

It’s Earth Day. Today, our Earth Day more resembles a toothless, consumerist Hallmark holiday like Father’s Day or Halloween. And I’m not even sure we’re better off that it exists at all — under the current Earth Day paradigm, people can watch an cable TV special or buy an organic t-shirt one day of the year. Read more at treehugger.com.