How Restaurants Can Use Contests to Boost Sales. Contests aren’t just a way to excite your customers and increase business…they’re also a great way to reward and motivate your staff! The thrill of competition and the possibility of a reward may be enough to make your staff focus on doing their best work…while increasing sales, of course! Read more at restaurantnews.com.

6 Things You Must Know About Reducing Emissions. It’s still possible to limit average global temperature rise to 2°C — but only if the world rapidly reduces emissions and changes its current energy mix. Read more at greenbiz.com.

Unleashing the True Power of the Customer. From the local car wash offering the sixth wash free, to a coffee shop offering a free pastry with the 10th purchase, thousands of retailers believe they’re providing loyalty programs that offer incentives to customers that retain, grow, and win their loyalty. These programs offer no exchange of information other than a card that’s stamped with each purchase. Read more at dmnews.com.

First 100% Recycled Grade Introduced. FutureMark Paper Group launched Future Vantage, North America’s first 100-percent recycled coated #3 freesheet. Until now, there has not been a 100 percent recycled option for high-end corporate marketing materials and magazine, catalog, book, direct mail and retail applications. Read more at environmentalleader.com.