How To Be Happier At Work. Maybe you love your job, and maybe you don’t. Either way, there are good days and bad days at work for everyone — the trick is figuring out how to tip that good-to-bad-day balance in the right direction. Happify, a website dedicated to helping people build skills for happiness through science-based activities and games, put together an infographic with some tips and tricks for optimizing happiness on the job (and yes, taking a vacation is one of them!). After all, happiness is contagious. So if you’re happy, you could soon be looking at a pretty positive workplace.Read more at

Eight Reasons Why You Can’t Pay Attention. We’ve all had days–perhaps weeks and even months–when we can’t seem to focus on anything. One minute you’re reading an article online, the next you’re typing e-mails–and before you can send them you’re instant messaging a co-worker, checking on the stock market or jotting down notes for an upcoming meeting. The end result: It feels like nothing’s getting done. But it may not be entirely your fault. Research is showing that there’s actually a range of causes for your frustration, from the medical to the instinctual. The good news is there are ways to improve one’s ability to pay attention. read more at

Employees Working In Offices With Natural Elements Report Higher Well-Being. Employees who work in environments with natural elements reported a 13% higher level of well-being and are 8% more productive overall, according to a report of 3600 workers in eight countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), commissioned by modular flooring experts Interface. Read more at