Valentine’s Day is cliché for many things, whether it’s buying your significant other flowers or sending a card anonymously to a secret crush, but one thing is for sure, many couples spend the special day at a favorite restaurant. According to TIME, there was a 6.1% increase in restaurant spending on Valentine’s Day in 2012, a sharper rise than in candy or flowers.

So how can you cash in on the love? Here are three ideas to make your restaurant the go-to date place for Valentine’s Day:

1.    Keep it intimate. On Valentine’s Day, couples prefer a quiet environment where they can talk with their loved one. For Valentine’s Day, ensure your seating and decoration mimics a relaxing environment so guests can enjoy a romantic night out.

2.    Market your menu. In order for your restaurant to stand out, consider a special “Sweethearts menu” where you feature unique Valentine’s Day options inspired by France or a decadent wine, and a romantic ambience.

3.    Prepare for the Masses. – With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday this year, an influx of love-struck guests are sure to arrive. Preparing your staff to accommodate several guests on romantic dates is crucial to meeting your guest’s expectation.

Furthermore, have your bartenders prepared to handle all the drink options on your menu – including the addition of a special concoction or two. Lastly, separate as many tables as you can into pairs in order to reduce the distraction of the movement of tables the night of.

With an estimated 70 million people dining out on Valentine’s Day, surpassing Father’s Day and New Year’s Eve as a desirable night out, according to Nation’s Restaurant News, do not miss the chance to ensure that your restaurant is the top choice for diners.

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