The performance of a wiper is the most important factor in the consumer’s mind when choosing a wiper. The reason for this is that wipers need to accomplish very specific tasks, such as wiping and cleaning faces and hands, surfaces, and equipment. Some of the specific applications for these tasks are cleaning glass, cleaning up small or large spills, cleaning up grease or grime, cleaning with and without solvents, waxing, polishing, sanitizing and many more.

The performance demands on wipers are equally specific and diverse. Wipers must be versatile in accomplishing more than one task in the environment in which they are used. They need to be absorbent, strong, heat resistant, solvent resistant, safe to use around food, low lint or lint free, kill or prevent the growth of bacteria, and solvent resistant. With such diverse needs of a product assortment, each wiper must be created with the specific task in mind.

Tork wipers have been created to meet all of these demands. Tork wipers are ideal for light, medium and heavy-duty tasks making them efficient for each application. Their high-absorbency and strength makes Tork wipers great for cleaning up oil, grime, and solvents quick and easy, and their low-lint design makes them the perfect wipers for particle sensitive jobs. Additionally, there are many dispensing options for wipers to provide the ideal option for the environment in which they are being used. And the list goes on.

With such specially designed wipers, it’s hard to believe that anyone would use anything other than a wiper for these applications. However, the grand irony of the wiper category is the continued prevalence of rags and rental shop towels in the industry. A similar parallel to this type of business is the use of cloth diapers versus disposable diapers. Cloth diapers were not convenient to clean, not healthy for baby’s skin and not absorbent enough to handle “baby’s accidents.”  Once the consumer became familiar with the disposable diapers, the convenience, absorbency and improvement in baby’s skin health made the disposable product hard to beat.

Similarly, folks need to be familiar with disposable wipers and the benefits that they offer versus their rag and rental shop cousins. Rags and rental shop towels are not purpose-made products. They are not specifically made to clean glass, clean up small or large spills, waxing, sanitizing, etc. Rental shop towels may contain contaminants such as metal shavings that can damage surfaces or compromise employee safety (i.e. scratches). They may also contain traces of heavy metals or other chemical contaminants that were inadequately removed by the laundering process which can compromise surfaces and employee safety. Rags can often be dirty and contain lint, zippers, buttons and other foreign objects which have to be sorted out, wasting employee’s time. Tork wipers are purpose-made and are free from impurities and residues that can compromise the job or employees.

And Tork puts their money where their mouth is. Try Tork wipers and save 10 percent or more in costs over rental shop towels. Guaranteed.

About Sue Uner

Sue Uner is the Product Manager at SCA AfH Professional Hygiene North America and leads the development and execution of innovative customer solutions and go-to-market strategies. Since she first started working at SCA AfH Professional Hygiene North America in April of 2003, Sue has been the key product developer in producing the driest incontinent brief and creating an additional incontinent pant. She has also served as a supporting product developer for three new pant machines in North America.