Hottest April Ever On Record For The Globe. Once again, the world hit record heat levels. The average global temperature last month tied the hottest April on record four years ago.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Tuesday say last month’s average temperature was 58.1. Read more at huffingtonpost.com.

The New Face of ‘Green’ Packaging. If Consumers Don’t Care, Why Has Some Industry Embraced Sustainability? Two words: Cost reduction. There was a fleeting moment when many companies were gung-ho over sustainability because they felt it was a great way to increase market share and sales. “We are greener because…” became the competitive battle cry and it successfully attracted new customers. Read more at environmentalleader.com.

Making a City Smarter: Transportation and the Built Environment. Two developments becoming increasingly normal in the city transportation landscape are Bus Rapid Transit and Smart Parking technology. “Bus Rapid Transit is an efficient, high capacity and cost effective transit solution that many C40 Climate Leadership Group cities are using.” Read more at greenbiz.com.