Happy customer discusses repairs with auto mechanic in repair shop.

How to implement 5S 4Real (and as easily as 1-2-3)

Like many management philosophies, 5S often remains just that: a philosophy, an ideal never fully implemented on the shop floor, but given plenty of lip service from the boardroom to the bulletin boards. However, if companies just apply a little common sense, some uncommon supplies, and plenty of committed follow-through, 5S can translate into surprising […]

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The right environmental mentality

Much of what we think of today as environmentally sound practices and policy is a result of decades-old thinking. On its face, the idea of reuse and recycling seems to confer obvious benefits to both the environment and to us. But as we look beyond simple household practices, a more complex picture emerges of what […]

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Industry General Wiping_Original

The safe bet is industrial wipers

When the trend-spotting Huffington Post starts to write about shop towels versus industrial wipers, you know something bigger than typical shop talk is going on. One of their articles featured a study1 from Gradient, the environmental research company, exposing just how toxic even freshly cleaned cloth rental shop towels can be. And while the author […]

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Three Manufacturing Trends That Will Shape 2015

We may be three months into the year, but that doesn’t mean we’ve seen it all. This year brings a few new trends to the manufacturing industry that’ll have us working smarter not harder—and many of them involve the emergence of new technologies and big data. According to IndustryWeek, the entire supply chain is undergoing […]

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better business

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

The New Year is often viewed as the perfect time to clean the slate and to establish positive habits and goals. Lose weight. Join that art class you’ve always wanted to try. Save more money each month. Starting fresh offers a renewed sense of purpose and a chance to kick off January with a bang. […]

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