Money Playing a Greater Role in College Choice. Financial considerations are an increasing factor in where students ultimately decide to go to college, according to a survey conducted by the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP). “Although more than three-quarters (75.5 percent) of those surveyed were admitted to their first-choice campus in 2013. Read more at asumag.com.

Bars and Restaurants Get Innovative with Guest-Facing Technology. Expect to see guest-facing technology offered in more and more bars and restaurants, from tablets to mobile apps that enhance the customer experience. Industry analysts predict guest-facing technology in restaurants will continually become the norm as consumers get more comfortable using it and bar and restaurant owners work to reduce their labor costs and increase efficiency. Read more at restaurantnews.com.

Sustainable Packaging: Making It Stick. Sustainability issues in packaging continue to generate headlines for many audiences:  The latest biobased packaging material innovation, food waste prevention, the most recent adoption of new labels to empower consumers to recycle packaging. But if your company is like most, you’re still finding it challenging to incorporate sustainability goals into the packaging design process. Read more at environmentalleader.com.

What Happens When Your Food Goes ‘Down The Wrong Pipe’. We’ve all been there: You’re having a pleasant meal when suddenly, out of nowhere, your food goes down the wrong pipe. It’s uncomfortable, annoying and scary at the same time. It’s the worst. But why does this happen? What are all of these “pipes” for? And where does that food or liquid even go? Read more at huffingtonpost.com.