One Way To Improve Job Performance: Reflect On Your Work. New research suggests that grown-ups ought to take routine time-outs of their own, not as a punishment, but in order to improve their job performance. Reflecting on what we’ve done teaches us to do it more effectively the next time around. Read more at forbes.com.

The 5 Scariest Charts In The New National Climate Assessment. The U.S. federal government released its third National Climate Assessment on Tuesday, emphasizing that climate change is not only an issue for the distant future. It is already “triggering wide-ranging impacts in every region of our country and throughout our economy,” they write. Read more at huffingtonpost.com.

3 Key CrossFit Concepts that Will Improve Any Kind of Workout. Movement in real life is constantly varied, so it makes sense to train your body in a variety of ways. Try doing different exercises and different numbers of rep schemes whenever you’re at the gym. Don’t let your body grow too accustomed to the same movements all the time. Read more at treehugger.com.