Retail Strategy: The Benefits of a Recycling Program. Charity shops serve as an important means of recycling textiles, but taking the time to donate unwanted clothing can seem like a chore. But a longstanding partnership between Goodwill and Bon-Ton shows how a retailer can help motivate more people to recycle. For the past twenty years, the retailer has hosted a bi-annual donation drive and sale event in partnership with Goodwill. To incentivize shoppers to donate, Bon-Ton offers a discount coupon for every item they bring in. Read more at treehugger.com.

How to Fly Like a Pro. Ever wonder what the pros know that you don’t? How they get the best seats, save time and money, and avoid hassles? We’ve queried travel writers, industry insiders, and other ultra-frequent flyers to get their tips, sometimes from things they’ve learned the hard way–so you don’t have to! It Pays to Be Last If carry-on luggage isn’t a consideration and the flight isn’t sold out, one tactic for getting that coveted “extra seat” is to be the last person to board. Read more at huffingtonpost.com.

4 Factors Driving The Emergence Of Digital Manufacturing. The powerhouse combination of mobility, cloud computing, security, and predictive analytics is becoming the ‘holy grail’ across the manufacturing industry. With an empowered consumer base now dictating supply and demand, accelerated time to market pressures, intense global competition, and the continual rise of the Internet and mobile economies, manufacturers need to be able to make production decisions on the spot by leveraging the latest supply chain information at their fingertips. Read more at manufacturing.net.