College Walk

PITTSBURGH (October 11, 2011) – SCA, a global hygiene company and makers of the Tork® brand of away-from-home paper products, joined its partners in higher education at this year’s Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) annual conference in Pittsburgh, Pa. on October 10. As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing green and hygienic solutions for the higher education segment, members of the Tork® Green Hygiene Council™ (TGHC) hosted a resentation on “Implementing Clean and Green Campus Action” and provided expert insights on how hygiene and sustainability can help create a vibrant experience for college students and their campuses.


Founded by SCA in 2009, the TGHC is comprised of a panel of sustainability and hygiene third-party experts to provide perspective and advice on how to create sustainable and healthy environments in a variety of industry segments. Josh Radoff, the principal and co-founder of YR&G sustainability consultants, addressed a variety of topics, including how higher education institutions can support sustainability education through programs, buildings and activities on campus, as well as how environmentally conscious initiatives can promote a vibrant individual and collective experience for students. Dr. Allison Aiello, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, shared information on key infections that are affecting students and how schools can support the health and wellness of students through both preventative and sustainable programs.


“As an industry leader, SCA continues to focus on developing innovative products that meet and exceed the campus maintenance, efficiency and sustainability needs of our partners in higher education,” said Josh Renihan, SCA director of segment marketing. “In the same way SCA does with its customers, this year’s Tork Green Hygiene Council presentation looked at a bigger picture to provide solutions for higher education institutions to maintain a vibrant campus through the integration of environmentally conscious and hygienic efforts.”


Furthering SCA’s thought leadership on sustainability in higher education, Radoff recently released a whitepaper on the Tork Better Business Center titled “Higher Education – The Vibrant Epicenter of a Sustainable Future” discussing how students and university administrators alike at specific institutions are setting trends and defining sustainability more holistically. This whitepaper highlights best practices while also identifying how the higher education sector can more effectively respond to the increasing pressure driven by student expectations, compete with peer schools, direct resources and ultimately incorporate solutions into daily practices to keep ahead of this ever expanding wave.


As students, faculty and staff show increasing passion about the sustainability of their
schools, SCA strives to provide products and resources needed to advance these environmental efforts. SCA has a long history of sustainable action, including the manufacturing of its towel, tissue and napkin products, many of which are EcoLogo™ and Green Seal™ certified. Building on its commitment to the environment, SCA has used more than 12 billion pounds of recycled paper to make its products in North America over the last decade. Most recently, the company attained certification on its line of napkins from the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), one of the largest independent and not-for-profit compost certification groups in North America.


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