Successful Startup Restaurant Business Plans. The process of opening a restaurant from start to finish can be, and should be, an arduous one. It requires a tremendous amount of research and determination, and it can easily get overwhelming. Often clients ask, “What should I be doing?” Learn more at restaurantnews.com.

How businesses can manage or adapt to climate uncertainty. This article originally appeared at BSR, where it is second in a series on a new initiative called “Business in a Climate-Constrained World.” In his piece describing BSR’s new strategic initiative, “Business in a Climate-Constrained World,” my colleague Edward Cameron rightly highlights the urgent need for all of us to address both sides of the global climate challenge. Read more at greenbiz.com.

Local Restaurants Offer Salad Bar Support. School lunches sure aren’t what they used to be. The True Food Chef Council is making sure of that. A joint effort between local chefs and Minneapolis Public Schools’ Culinary and Nutrition Services, the council is focused on a shift toward wholesome, unprocessed food in school meals while embracing the city’s diverse food cultures. Read more at foodservicenews.net.

What Does It Take for Marketers to Be Innovative? Consumers today often only pay attention to the loudest and most visible campaigns, says LeAnna Carey, chief digital and healthcare officer at Innovation Excellence and a speaker at the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Leadership Conference. This makes it essential for marketers to innovate. Read more at dmnews.com.