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Tips for a Green and Clean Work Environment

In the past, products that thoroughly cleaned and sanitized were often considered effective and not given a lot of extra thought. But today we know better. We know that cleaning products can contain chemicals that are harmful not only to the environment, but to humans. There are more ‘green’ options available than ever before, and […]

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Navigating Sustainable Seals

With increasing consumer interest in supporting green companies, it can be difficult for environmentally conscious customers to identify sustainable products and services in a cluttered marketplace. Thankfully, third-party authenticated seals offer busy customers an easy way to find products and services that best align with their values. By commissioning a third party to authenticate a […]

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The Dirt on Clean Laundry: The Truth About Shop Rags

Have you ever wondered why shop towels are red or blue? While they may start off white, shop towels are dyed red when they become stained. And after multiple uses, they may be re-dyed blue to cover up what’s not coming out in the wash. Although auto shops often see these products as an affordable […]

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The Dirt on Starting a Composting Program

Starting a composting program at your business can save money, decrease your environmental footprint, improve employee job satisfaction and fulfill customer demands for sustainable business practices. reports Americans generate 21.5 million tons of food residuals annually. If that food waste were composted rather than sent to landfills, the greenhouse gas emission reduction would be […]

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One Way To Improve Job Performance: Reflect On Your Work

One Way To Improve Job Performance: Reflect On Your Work. New research suggests that grown-ups ought to take routine time-outs of their own, not as a punishment, but in order to improve their job performance. Reflecting on what we’ve done teaches us to do it more effectively the next time around. Read more at […]

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Why Negative Reviews Can Be Good For Business

Why Negative Reviews Can Be Good For Business. Most prospective customers read reviews about products or services before making a purchase, which is why many small business owners live in fear of a public customer complaints.  But, the latest research shows that negative reviews may not hurt your business as much as you might think. […]

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“Please Take One:” How to Encourage Customers Not to Waste

Reducing waste has significant economic, environmental and social benefits and is a priority for many businesses. If you are looking to reduce your company’s waste, customers may be the key. With a little encouragement, they can help you dramatically reduce the amount of waste your business produces every day through simple actions, like taking only […]

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How To Fit Exercise Into Your Routine

How To Fit Exercise Into Your Routine. We all know by now that maintaining an active lifestyle should be one of our top priorities in life. Only by taking care of ourselves do we stand a chance of being the kind of person we strive to be on the job, at home with our loved […]

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