The 3 Missing Pieces Blocking Your Company From 10X Growth. Though your first thought about growing your company 10 times its original size may be, that’s impossible in my industry, I assure you it’s not. I’ve grown several companies 10X and know the steps it takes. So suspend your disbelief. Below, I share the three most common, glaring gaps in your approach to growth that may at first seem like uncrossable chasms, and the three bridges you can build to cross them. Read more at


Is Your Office Space Yoga-Able? Don’t assume there isn’t enough space in your office for a regular yoga or meditation practice. My clients are often surprised by how easy it is to convert their daily workspace into a refuge for inner peace. As the founder of an office yoga company, I have taught yoga in virtually every possible space. Here are my top five most yoga-able office spaces. Read more at


ClearStory Makes Big Data Accessible to Every Kind of Business. Sharmila Mulligan worked at a seemingly endless number of tech companies—both large and small–before co-founding ClearStory Data three years ago. But there was a method to her frequent job changes. “The way I describe my kind of journey is every company I’ve done is the result of a problem I saw at the last company,” she reasons. “You create a technology and that creates the next set of problems—or call them opportunities.” As CEO of ClearStory Data, Mulligan helps businesses collect and understand the mass of data about customers, competitors and the marketplace. Read more at