The 4 Questions Parents Should Ask Before Helping A Child. As the school year progresses, many parents want to know how they can help their child learn. We asked teachers and educators, “What are the two traits parents should focus on to assist children this school year?” Persistence and resilience were the most common responses. These are fascinating character trait, but they present unique challenges for parents who are often left wondering, “When should I step in and help my child?” Read more at

The Global Search for Education: Got Mobile? Get it Right! The latest Education Fast Forward debate (EFF11) focused on which elements we should consider when we create a digital model to improve learning. Investment in technology is on the increase. Some continue to claim it hurts the classroom. Others are more convinced it is transforming the classroom in a positive way. However, most now believe it’s all about getting the execution of your ICT implementation plan right; simply providing the technological devices does not lead to an improvement in learning. The goal must be about transforming the learning process from teacher-centered to student-centered. Read more at

Playful Education In The Age Of Video Games, Binary Thinking, And Social Media. One of the hardest things to teach in my humanities classroom at Temple University is that there are no right answers. It doesn’t matter how many times I say it. The students don’t believe me. I ask them what they think of the readings and they tell me what they think I want to hear. They fish for the correct answer. They try to identify my position. Perhaps it is because they’ve been acculturated to seek dichotomy. We thrive on opposition. Democrats and republicans. Right and wrong. Winners and losers. Read mroe at