The Buzz About Biodegradable & Compostable Napkins | Tork BBC

SCA recently announced the news that our Universal and Advanced Tork napkins now are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) compostable label program, in addition to the previously earned EcoLogo™ and Green Seal™ third-party credentials. This means Tork napkins can be safely disposed of and will quickly biodegrade in municipal and commercial composting facilities, which are becoming more prevalent across North America.

What’s The Value?

BPI certification ensures the napkin’s product lifecycle from development, production, use and disposal remains environmentally responsible. Proper degradability benefits our customers who have already or are in the process of setting up composting programs to lessen their waste and carbon footprint. Customers who compost napkin waste – including facilities which house cafeterias, food stations, or other foodservice venues – will greatly benefit from BPI certified napkins, especially as more facilities and their communities move toward composting.

Resources on Composting for Businesses

For businesses interested in composting, there are resources available to help initiate a program as well as provide support for existing programs. Options include:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency’s web page on composting ( for information on state and regional composting programs, specific materials that can be composted and environmental benefits
  • The United States Composting Council ( web page or information on programs, advocacy, resources and education

More and more facilities are looking to compost – from restaurants to offices to university campuses – to reduce costs and landfill waste. Being able to compost napkins as part of this effort goes a long way, and the certified compostable label helps mitigate any confusion about whether napkins can be elements of a comprehensive composting waste program. SCA is committed to customers’ bottom lines and will continue to invest in independent testing and certification to ensure products are truly sustainable.

To read more on the green business industry’s view of Tork’s compostable napkins initiative visit the link below. article released on August 8, 2011