The Nonskier’s Guide to Ski Towns. Friends and family are clamoring to hit the slopes. You, on the other hand, are not. What’s a nonskier to do? Happily, there are plenty of destinations with compelling trails for skiers and other pleasures — soaking in hot springs, snowshoeing, sleigh riding, bowling, gambling, shopping, ghost tours, yoga, massage, movies, nature hikes, cocktails — for you. Here are a few ideas that might leave even the most ski-averse travelers longing for a snowy getaway. Read more at

Holiday Cruises-Put Passenger Safety First. The holidays are right around the corner and thousands will be taking vacations cruises this year. Most cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney and Celebrity deck the halls of their ships literally with holiday decorations and Christmas trees in their lobbies, restaurants and have massive gingerbread houses. Read more at

When The Art is Watching You. One morning last week, a team of experts at New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum searched for hidden spots in the rotunda to conceal tiny electronic transmitters. The devices will enable the museum to send messages about artworks to visitors via their smartphones while at the same time collect details about the comings and goings of those guests. Read more at