The Psychology of a Memorable Lunch

The Psychology of a Memorable Lunch. Our choices have implications, not only for how much we enjoy lunch today, but also for longer term goals like fitness and health. But how do we choose? What are the basic cognitive processes that lead from initial hunger pang to this soup or that sandwich?Memory may play a key role. Read more at

Show Your Love for Renewable Energy — It’s #iheartrenewables Week. Following up on a fun #iheartwind week, the American Wind Energy Association (@AWEA), the Solar Energy Industries Association (@SEIA), the American Council On Renewable Energy (@ACORE), and others have designated this week leading up to Earth Day as #iheartrenewables week. Read more at

Give Consumers a Reason to Feel. Whether you’re a luxury hotel or a fast food franchise, the survival of any business depends on making customers feel special and appreciated. We expect to be called by name, served quickly, and rewarded for our business. What we don’t expect are highly individualized experiences based on what someone “observes” about us that have nothing to do with our recent transactions. Read more at