The Workplace Of The Future Is Still In The Office. Every time I read about the future of work, I see a focus almost entirely on remote work, virtual workplaces and stories of people working from coffee shops. Yes, overall, this is a rapidly growing trend, increasing by over 60% in recent years. I personally have worked remotely for almost two decades, but in general this is still pretty infrequent. Read more at

Uncertain About Hiring, Some Companies Try ‘Test Drives.’ Hiring and retaining employees is a struggle for all sorts of companies, but at smaller ones the stakes can be especially high. “One bad seed can really have an impact on your culture,” said Mona Bijoor, founder and chief executive of Joor, a company based in New York that created a wholesale marketplace to connect retailers and brands. Read more at

Why We’re All Deluged With Too Much Work – Want What To Do About It. One of the most persistent challenges that managers face these days is “initiative overload” – having too many projects on the plate and not enough time to get them done. If you’ve ever found yourself working long days and weekends, and still not feeling caught up with your workload, then you know what I mean. What’s worse is that there doesn’t seem to be any let up. Read more at