Business travelers face many challenges when it comes to their personal wellbeing – from battling stress and getting a good night’s sleep, to maintaining a healthy diet and getting adequate exercise. While work travel may not always be a glamorous, it is still possible to infuse small changes into your day to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle on the road. Consider these tips for healthy work travel:

Eat healthy

A healthy, balanced diet can be one of the hardest things to uphold while on-the-go, due to sporadic schedules, meetings that take place during meals, and difficulty accessing nutritious options. Stock up on healthy snacks that are better alternatives to mini bar and gas station grub. Carve out time for a quick trip to the grocery store before or during your trip so you have food on hand. Add protein-rich, airport security-friendly foods like nuts and breakfast bars, as well as fresh produce like apples and baby carrots to your shopping basket. Overeating can be another challenge, especially with continental breakfast buffets and business meetings with free food aplenty. Manage your portions carefully and don’t be tempted to overindulge at company dinners and special events.

Stay rested

A solid night’s sleep is a luxury for business travelers who often need to hit the ground running instead of recovering from jet lag. If you are jumping time zones, try to adjust your sleep schedule up or down as needed in advance of your trip. Sneak in a nap where you can, like after meetings and before dinner, or en route to your destination. The Centers for Disease Control says a mild sedative may be an option if you have difficulty sleeping on red-eye flights.

Be active

Exercising while traveling can be more interesting than hitting up the hotel gym or pool. Instead, try going for a run or practicing yoga in the nearby parks or trails. Take in the scenery to stay stimulated and motivated as you discover new sights around every turn. Furthermore, if you are a regular at your local gym, see if they have a sister location where you’re traveling and you may feel more at home with similar programs and equipment. Finally, don’t forget to pack for fitness when you’re preparing for your trip and include lightweight, compact items like a jump-rope, resistance band, yoga mat or swim suit.

Practice good hand hygiene

Inevitably during most types of travel, you’ll encounter a lot of highly frequented facilities like taxis, restaurants and hotel lobbies – and high numbers of travelers often means there are a correspondingly high number of germs. Toilets, tray tables and the latches on overhead bins are the germiest spots on airplanes, according to USA Today. Keep your hands clean by toting a travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer or wet wipes (unscented to as not to disturb your neighbor’s senses) and take care to wash your hands often, especially before eating and after using public restrooms.