Top 10 Advantages Of Waking Up Early. Several studies have correlated waking up early with success. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits reaped by early risers. Read more at forbes.com.

Recycling Platform Reaches Milestone. The European Recycling Platform (ERP) has hit a milestone of 2 million metric tons of recycled electronics since it began operations. ERP says this is the equivalent of removing 8 million cars from European roads for an entire year. Read more at environmentalleader.com.

 10 Mardi Gras Party Ideas for Your Bar or Restaurant. A holiday that encourages partying and eating tons is a perfect excuse to get people into your bar or restaurant. Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is the last day before Lent begins, so people are encouraged to load up on food. It’s a day dedicated to food and fun. Read more at restaurantnews.com.

Bicycle roundabout in the sky in the Netherlands, Hovenring. Lloyd has written about potential bike highways in the London sky a couple of times, but did you know the Netherlands already has a bicycle roundabout in the sky? Read more at treehugger.com.