Genetic Code Shows Bird Flu In China Spread Between People. When a new strain of bird flu cropped up in China last winter, the billion-dollar question was whether the deadly virus could transmit between people. Now, Chinese scientists offer the first clear evidence that the bird flu is indeed contagious, although only slightly. A father, who became sick in March, passed the H7N9 virus to his daughter. Read more at npr.org.

CDC Reports Dip In Obesity Rates Among Some PreSchoolers. Fresh analysis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests the tide may be turning on the childhood obesity front. After decades of steady increases, 19 states and U.S. territories saw small decreases in their rates of obesity among low-income preschoolers. And another 20 states held steady at current rates. Learn more at npr.org.

International SOS Poll Gauges Attitudes and Practices when it Comes to Promoting Security Awareness for Women. Poll finds organizations are increasingly providing specialized training and briefings for women. San Diego, Calif. — Female travel safety has made international headlines recently, including assaults during the Egypt uprising and a high-profile bus attack in India. These events have given rise to a range of questions: What can female travelers do to prepare and protect themselves? Read more at hospitalitynet.org.

The Right To Nutrients: World Food Programme’s New Approach To Food Assistance. Kristie Wang (@kristiewang) on how preventing childhood stunting delivers significant long-term gains for health and economic growth. Anti-hunger organizations including the World Food Programme (WFP) are approaching food assistance with a health perspective—a strategy that is long overdue in the field of food aid, according to Martin Bloem, Chief of WFP’s nutrition and HIV unit. Read more at forbes.com.