Following Two Years of Declines, Hotel Guest Satisfaction Increases to a Seven-Year High. Following two years of declines, hotel guest satisfaction has increased significantly, reaching its highest levels in the past seven years, according to the J.D. Power 2013 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study SM released today. Learn more at

10 best gadgets to have in an emergency. Hurricane season is here and we only need to look to last October to see the type of destruction one can bring. If you’re starting to stock your hurricane kit, first check out the National Hurricane Center’s checklist and make sure you’re prepared. Once basic needs are covered, you may want to start thinking about how you’ll stay in contact with others and the outside world. With no power, you’ll need ways to keep cell phones, laptops and radios going, as well as fans (or heaters) and lighting too. Find out more at

Is Georgia the next frontier for solar development? What do you get when you mix Georgia Tea Party activists, solar energy developers and an eager regulator? The result of this rare coalition recently emerged as an aggressive state policy that will hedge electricity rate increases for consumers, secure environmental benefits and kick-start a regional solar industry. By 2016 Georgia is set to increase the amount of solar within its borders 18-fold. Read more at

Scientists Explore The Pure Geometry Inside Our Cells. It turns out, though, that differential geometry may also dictate the forms of organelles inside our cells.The latest issue of Cell highlights a new study that has mapped the geometry of one of the cell’s key components: the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), which is, in a sense, the grand central station for all of the cell’s biochemical compounds. Learn more at