The Undying Importance of SEO: How to Actively Maximize Your Search Engine Presence. Generating engagement via social media channels and creating unique experiences for website visitors are important aspects of digital marketing. It’s also important to remember the basics – namely SEO – when building a marketing plan. A good SEO strategy attracts qualified traffic with intent to book. Learn different strategies at

These Graphs Show How Fast Hospitals Are Adopting Computers — And How Far They Have To Go. On Monday, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation published its annual report on health information technology in the United States. Hospitals are adopting new computer systems at a rapid pace as a result of U.S. laws that create financial incentives to do so — the the benefit of companies like privately held Epic Systems, Cerner, McKesson, Allscripts and AthenaHealth. The entire report can be found at

Major global study reveals how big data will transform the hospitality industry. A major independent global study reveals how the hospitality industry is being transformed by big data. Hotels, travel agencies, and other industry players are unlocking the power of big data to dramatically improve products and services, thereby enhancing their competitive position and benefitting customers. Learn More at

How to Face Fear. Fear is one of the strongest driving forces in our lives. Fear motivates us to do all sorts of things. It keeps us alive when we step into dangerous situations. Politicians use it to get us to vote for them. And we use it to motivate ourselves and others on a daily basis. For example, how many of us have had a thought like, “if I don’t exercise, I will get fat” or “if I don’t eat healthfully, I will get sick”? How many of us have said, or been told “if you don’t get that project done by the deadline, [insert terrible consequence here]!” Read more at