True Value is Measured on Experiences. Spending money on experiences instead of material goods is not only better for the environment, but also makes us happier. It turns out that most people actually know this. So why do we continue to accumulate so much stuff? Read more at treehugger.com.

What Do You Do Before Your Speech? What do you do in those long minutes just before your speech?  There’s lots to worry about, and you’re probably worrying about some, or all, of it:  your nerves, your slides, your audience, your technology, the stage, the lighting, the introduction, the plane ticket home, and getting to the airport on time, the timing of everything — the potential list goes on and on. Read more at forbes.com.

Best Seat in the Restaurant? It’s at the Bar. The best table in the house may now be the bar. Restaurant bars are becoming dining destinations in their own right as eateries expand and upgrade bar areas, create craft cocktails and serve inventive, contemporary food to go with them. Bar dining took off in the economic downturn, when diners sought ways to eat out for less. Read more at restaurantnews.com.