What Does a Bad Experience Cost Your Brand? Temkin Group recently published the report “What Happens After a Good or Bad Experience, 2014.” The report, as the title suggests, examines the feedback and spending changes that happen after good and bad experiences. Why does this matter to marketers? Because brands come to life or die based on good and bad experiences. Read more at dmnews.com.

9 Food and Beverage Trends for Spring. What new foods and beverages will your competition be focusing on this spring? And, more importantly, what will your customers be expecting? You can’t see into the future, but you can still get an idea of what trends will be this spring. From meatless meals to super foods, here are nine trends you’ll be seeing soon. Read more at restaurantnews.com.

Innovators Tap the Value of Wastewater. The prolonged California drought is forcing businesses and farms across the state to rethink the risks associated with existing water-sourcing strategies, including how to make better use of wastewater. Just this week, more than 140 companies from Apple to Levi Strauss backed a new Climate Declaration urging for state and federal legislators to consider the economic consequences of climate change. Read more at greenbiz.com.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Its Effects. Studies have found that vitamin D deficiency contributes to osteoporosis, muscle weakness, hip fractures, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis and poor general health. Read more at comfortkeepers.com.