What Customers Don’t Like About Your Restaurant.  If you asked your loyal customers what they love about your restaurant, they’d probably have a long list of likes. But what about the customers who don’t like your restaurant? The ones who have a bad experience and never come back? Since you don’t have the chance to ask them what went wrong, read over this list of seven common restaurant turn offs. Read more at restaurantnews.com.

10 Things you Didn’t Know you Could be Allergic To. You’ve heard of peanut and pollen allergies, and shampoos that make your skin break out in hives. But almost anything in your environment can be an allergen, says Dr. Matthew Zirwas, a contact dermatitis expert at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center — “whether it’s something that’s very synthetic or man-made… or it’s something totally natural like a botanical extract.” Read more at cnn.com.

Forget Luck: Six Strategies For Market Dominance. It takes more than a stroke of good fortune for market-leading companies to make it to the top. With major indices of leading companies churning by about 40% every five years, the next generation of competition is waiting in the wings, ready to assume one of those coveted positions. Read more at forbes.com.

Impacts of Sustainability Are Limited. Of all the ideas out in the world concerning sustainability, none may be more patently false than the myth that the impacts of sustainability are limited; that somehow, sustainability initiatives will have only short-term, small-scale benefits for the organizations that implement them. Such a view is simply not looking at sustainability with a very clear view. Read more at environmentalleader.com.