Why Presentations Always Die After 10 Minutes And How To Rescue Them. Your audience will mentally check out of your next PowerPoint presentation after about 10 minutes.  Given a presentation of moderately interesting content, your audiences’ attention will “plummet to near zero” after 9 minutes and 59 seconds. Read more at forbes.com.

Don’t Panic About MERS Yet. Cases of a deadly virus with no known cure have spiked in the Middle East over the past few weeks, but doctors and public health experts said there’s no reason to panic — yet.The number of people infected with the coronavirus, called Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS, has surged recently. Read more at huffingtonpost.com.

7 Key Elements to Build Customer Loyalty. Loyal customers can make the difference between a restaurant that succeeds and a restaurant that fails. Just take this fact into consideration: over 40 percent of customers are loyal to their favorite restaurants, whether or not those restaurants are offering any special deals or promotions. Read more at restaurantnews.com.