Hygiene Matters: A Surprising Personal Retreat

What do sleeping, eating and crying have in common? Well, what happens in the workplace washroom may be a bit more surprising than you’d think. The 2014 SCA Hygiene Matters survey revealed some interesting bathroom activities, showing that an unexpected number of Americans have used their workplace restrooms for more than their intended use. In […]

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Help! I Can’t Sleep: Healthcare Round-Up

Help! I Can’t Sleep. You toss, you turn. You wake up in the middle of the night. You’ve tried going to bed early. You’ve tried staying up late hoping you’ll eventually crash. But seriously, why can’t you just fall asleep? Dr. James Maas, the best-selling author of PowerSleep and acclaimed former Cornell professor (he also […]

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How To Be Happier At Work: Office Round-Up

How To Be Happier At Work. Maybe you love your job, and maybe you don’t. Either way, there are good days and bad days at work for everyone — the trick is figuring out how to tip that good-to-bad-day balance in the right direction. Happify, a website dedicated to helping people build skills for happiness […]

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Trending Now: Ending Childhood Hunger

Restaurant Trends from the 7th Annual Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by FOOD & WINE (NYCWFF) This past weekend, over 18,000 people and nearly 500 chefs gathered at Pier 94 in New York City to unite at the Grand Tasting presented by ShopRite over a common goal: to eliminate childhood […]

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Sesame Workshop Tackles Literacy With Technology: Education Round-Up

Sesame Workshop Tackles Literacy With Technology. Elmo and his “Sesame Street” buddies could soon be having two-way conversations of sorts with children. Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit producer of “Sesame Street,” and the children’s speech recognition company ToyTalk plan to announce Monday that they have signed a two-year research partnership agreement to explore how to use […]

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The Chicken Wings Boom: Foodservice Round-Up

The Chicken Wings Boom. Chaz Brown has dreams. Strange ones — sort of like the dreams Kevin Spacey’s character had in “American Beauty,” except that instead of rose petals hovering in the air, Mr. Brown has visions of ethereal flocks of crispy chicken wings. “I’ve definitely seen wings flying out of people’s heads,” he said. […]

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How to Dispose of Wipers Following EPA Guidelines

Disposable wipers provide many benefits and address an array of pain points related to health, safety, cost and efficiency—but it’s essential to dispose of them correctly, particularly when using hazardous solvents. Last year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) updated their wiper disposal guidelines, leveling the regulatory playing field between non-laundered wipes and laundered shop […]

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Why Doesn’t U.S. Recycle Nuclear Fuel? Industrial Round-Up

Why Doesn’t U.S. Recycle Nuclear Fuel? The chattering class’s call for action on “climate change” overlooks a crucial point: to succeed, we need to increase reliance on nuclear power, the cleanest technology available, despite the vocal opposition from those who fear another Three-Mile Island or a more-serious disaster like Chernobyl or Fukushima. Compared to electric […]

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