The Chicken Wings Boom: Foodservice Round-Up

The Chicken Wings Boom. Chaz Brown has dreams. Strange ones — sort of like the dreams Kevin Spacey’s character had in “American Beauty,” except that instead of rose petals hovering in the air, Mr. Brown has visions of ethereal flocks of crispy chicken wings. “I’ve definitely seen wings flying out of people’s heads,” he said. […]

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How to Dispose of Wipers Following EPA Guidelines

Disposable wipers provide many benefits and address an array of pain points related to health, safety, cost and efficiency—but it’s essential to dispose of them correctly, particularly when using hazardous solvents. Last year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) updated their wiper disposal guidelines, leveling the regulatory playing field between non-laundered wipes and laundered shop […]

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Why Doesn’t U.S. Recycle Nuclear Fuel? Industrial Round-Up

Why Doesn’t U.S. Recycle Nuclear Fuel? The chattering class’s call for action on “climate change” overlooks a crucial point: to succeed, we need to increase reliance on nuclear power, the cleanest technology available, despite the vocal opposition from those who fear another Three-Mile Island or a more-serious disaster like Chernobyl or Fukushima. Compared to electric […]

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Top Germ-Infested Public Places

The average adult can touch as many as 30 objects within a minute, and the Centers for Disease Control estimates up to 80 percent of all infections are transmitted by hands. Keeping germs at bay is no easy task, especially in heavily trafficked facilities where high-contact surfaces like doorknobs, handrails and tabletops are widespread. So […]

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Coping With Jet Lag: Healthcare Round-Up

A Step-By-Step Guide To Coping With Jet Lag. Everyone knows that jet lag feeling: You’re groggy at dinner, but unable to sleep at night; you can’t muster hunger at socially appropriate times and even your digestive system doesn’t seem to cooperate. The problems don’t stop there — one study found that chronic jet lag could […]

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Workplace Behaviors and Changing Work Styles – Is There an Office of the Future?

By 2010 nearly a quarter of all office workers were following the new mobile work style trend: working from home. Predictions called for numbers to jump to more than 80 percent by mid-2014 due to the many benefits it provides, including lower employee-related costs for companies, increased personal productivity and better work/life balance for employees. […]

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