The One and Only Way to Get Healthy: Healthcare Round-up

The One and Only Way to Get Healthy. When it comes to our health, most of us know what we need to do to improve it — more movement, more vegetables, less sugar, less stress, etc. Despite the messages we hear and tell ourselves, health isn’t complicated and, while I realize the irony, we don’t […]

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Tips for Healthy Work Travel

Business travelers face many challenges when it comes to their personal wellbeing – from battling stress and getting a good night’s sleep, to maintaining a healthy diet and getting adequate exercise. While work travel may not always be a glamorous, it is still possible to infuse small changes into your day to maintain a balanced […]

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Travel For Physical Meetings Becoming Outdated? Office Round-up

Travel For Physical Meetings Becoming Outdated? In these tough financial times, many companies are reducing their travel budgets – and that means fewer physical meetings. The economy and convenience of email, Facebook, Skype, and the like contribute to the shift toward virtual business encounters and away from traditional face-to-face meetings. Though there are surely economic […]

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5 Jobs Budding in the Healthcare Industry

Have you ever thought about a job in healthcare? You wouldn’t be the only one. Healthcare is the fastest growing job sector in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is largely a result of the growing senior population. Advancements in medicine have made it possible for more people to live […]

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Cost Concern on Back-To-School Supplies for Teachers and Parents: Education Roundup

Teachers Are Spending Big Money On Back-To-School, And They’re Not Alone. Back-to-school time doesn’t only mean big spending for students and parents, often, educators have to shell out money from their own paychecks to supply classrooms. According to a survey from the National School Supply and Equipment Association (now the Education Market Association), teachers spent […]

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What Makes a Sports Bar Successful? Foodservice Roundup

What Makes a Sports Bar Successful? You might think running a sports bar sounds easy. Can’t you just put a game on TV and wait for customers to come flocking in? Not so fast. Running a sports bar isn’t quite that easy—not if you want to make a profit and bring in loyal customers, that is. […]

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Three Creative Ways to Make Business Connections

In today’s fast-paced technology and media laden environment, making business connections is paramount. LinkedIn and other social media platforms provide a tremendous opportunity to maintain connections and stay in touch with other business owners and managers or potential customers and clients – but how can you make those connections stand out? Here are three creative […]

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Fast-Food Workers Could Face Robot Armageddon: Industrial Roundup

Fast-Food Workers Could Face Robot Armageddon. For three decades now, the idea that robots will replace fast-food workers has been more of a pipe dream of tightwad business owners than a reality. But a group of engineers claims to have finally found a way to get rid of pesky humans once and for all. Momentum […]

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