7 Ways Restaurants Can Protect Intellectual Property: Foodservice Round-Up

7 Ways Restaurants Can Protect Intellectual Property. Creativity plays a huge role in growing a restaurant business, but restaurant owners often fail to protect their intellectual property. As restaurants diversify advertising and marketing through digital and social-media platforms, now’s the time to protect your intellectual-property assets. This strategy adds value and strength to your brand […]

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Food for Thought: Cause Marketing for Your Restaurant

Beyond serving food to customers, some restaurants are giving back through philanthropic partnerships that benefit more than just their dinner guests. Whether supporting their local food banks or partnering with national hunger relief organizations, restaurants big and small are launching philanthropic campaigns to connect with both their current and potential customers. Beyond building a positive […]

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Big Factories Go To Work On Biofuel: Industrial Round-Up

Big Factories Go To Work On Biofuel. Emmetsburg, Iowa — Charlie Kollasch, a farmer supplying raw material to a huge new ethanol factory here, stood inside a big red shed on his property, showing off the V-shaped metal frame studded with prongs that he and his son had installed on top of a flatbed truck. […]

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Better Hygiene Hands Down: Proper Handwashing and Personal Care for the Foodservice Industry

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of National Food Safety Month, the National Restaurant Association is sharing its top 20 tips to keep food safe.  One of those tips includes ensuring all food handlers practice correct personal hygiene. While we all know handwashing is important, some food handlers may not wash their hands correctly or as […]

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10 Health Benefits Of Relaxation: Recreation Round-Up

10 Health Benefits Of Relaxation.  You may have heard that a little bit of stress is actually good for you. In the just-right amount, that adrenaline rush can power you through a long day at work, boost your workouts and more. But while it feels good to conquer the day, in the end, it just simply […]

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flu shot

Fight The Flu In The Workplace

Each fall when flu season rolls around, many people worry about their children contracting the infectious disease at school, where tiny hands, noses and mouths can go unwashed and unwiped. While children, elderly adults and people with certain health conditions are at a high risk, the truth of the matter is that seasonal flu is […]

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The Workplace Of The Future Is Still In The Office: Office Round-Up

The Workplace Of The Future Is Still In The Office. Every time I read about the future of work, I see a focus almost entirely on remote work, virtual workplaces and stories of people working from coffee shops. Yes, overall, this is a rapidly growing trend, increasing by over 60% in recent years. I personally […]

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