the future of grocery shopping

How to enhance hygiene in grocery stores

While COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of online grocery shopping, more than 60% of Americans still shop for groceries in person.1 To remain competitive and attract their share of in-store shoppers, grocers must provide a hygienic and safe in-store experience. Changes inside grocery stores Technology holds great promise for making shopping convenient—and safer. For example, […]

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retail trends and forecasts

Retail trends: facilities managers as customer experience experts

The current era is often called the e-commerce era, a pronouncement usually accompanied by a doom-and-gloom forecast for the future of traditional retail. But the real retail trend is toward an era of omnichannel commerce necessitating integrated customer experience across all channels. This poses a significant challenge, and is bringing a new player to the […]

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retain commercial design trends

Is this the top retail design trend of 2019?

There’s no shortage of articles with titles like “Trends in retail design for 2019,” “What’s next in retail design,” “Top in-store design tips for 2019,” and…well, you get the picture. We all want to know the tips and tricks that will keep us a step ahead of the competition for at least one more year. […]

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convenience stores healthy locavore options

Convenience stores discover a fresh source of healthier sales

It’s no secret that consumers have developed a taste for living and eating healthier, as more and more foodservice offerings appear in the categories of natural, fresh, vegetarian or even vegan (no meat or animal products whatsoever). And while the trend has been most evident in restaurants and grocery stores, a generational shift is about […]

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ugly produce

Ugly produce gets some love!

Forget farm-to-table. The latest, or at least the most disturbing, food trend is farm-to-landfill. One study estimates that America loses “up to 40% of its food from farm-to-landfill.” The cause? According to multiple research reports, it’s all about cosmetics. This image problem creates an avalanche of waste all along the American food chain. Up to […]

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