Data-driven cleaning

What is data-driven cleaning?

The world is changing fast – not least thanks to the rapid advance of technology. Today, Big Data, the Internet of Things and cloud computing enable efficiencies across industries that we could once only dream about. That means useful data ‘arriving at increasing volumes and with more velocity1 , which allows us to analyze key metrics constantly. This in turn creates an opportunity for more efficient products and services than ever before.

Industry 4.0 – the digitalization of manufacturing that allows manufacturers to use data to improve productivity and reduce waste – is transforming operational efficiencies and helping industrial managers to improve the operational efficiencies in their facility, as well as hygiene compliance regulations.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about data-driven cleaning, including how it is transforming operational efficiency, and how it can help industrial facilities keep pace with Industry 4.0 by boosting hygiene, and improving cleaning efficiency and quality.

The many benefits of data-driven cleaning

Real-time data can bring an extra layer of transparency to cleaning processes, giving managers a deep understanding of cleaning in their facility. It enables managers and cleaners to measure traffic as well as usage and refill needs where required. Tracking the usage of products such as soap and hand sanitizer, as well as the movement and speed of which the products are used, can optimize cleaning frequency, refilling regularity and ensure restrooms and locker rooms are fully stocked during all shifts.

Real-time information and data insights support a whole range of cleaning operations. Whether you want to improve operational efficiency or provide proof of hygiene compliance, data can help you do it.

Sensors throughout your facility collect data about usage and refill levels in real time, empowering managers and cleaners to keep operations running smoothly. The result is a new logic for cleaning that gives you a better overview to make informed decisions and plan ahead.

Data-driven cleaning brings many more benefits beyond optimizing cleaning frequency. Managers can transform entire ways of working using the insights gained from live data, enabling their cleaners to work smarter and more efficiently.

Is data the future of cleaning?

By switching to digital, those in charge of cleaning can use real-time data to understand exactly when and where there are cleaning needs in an industrial facility.

In contrast, industrial facilities that fail to rethink their operations through data-driven cleaning insights may short fall of remaining competitive in a world that prioritizes cleanliness and hygiene as a new normal. Data-driven cleaning is a solution that enables business to overcome challenges, helping them stay competitive, increasing their performance in the marketplace.

What is Tork Vision Cleaning?

Tork Vison Cleaning is a leading example of a data-driven cleaning solution. Building on years of experience in providing cleaning solutions to satisfied customers globally, this digital cleaning system delivers continuous improvement by optimizing cleaning resources. In a survey of Tork Vision Cleaning customers, 100%2 said data-driven cleaning helps them improve hygiene onsite.

This means your staff spend time on what’s most important, avoiding unnecessary or overly time-consuming tasks. Tork Vision Cleaning prevents production holdups due to a lack of hygiene supplies in bathrooms, locker rooms, break rooms, during shifts and shift changes. Best of all, it cuts out the need to physically check dispensers.

According to existing customers, switching to Tork Vision Cleaning helps increase operational efficiency, reduce refill waste and ensure dispensers are stocked 99% of the time2. Customers also reported a 91% reduction in dispenser checks2, saving hundreds of staff hours each year. By also saving up to 20% of cleaning hours2, time can then be reallocated to focus on more critical issues.

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