How to get fans back in your stadium

Preparation tips to welcome fans back in the stands

A study by the management consultancy Deloitte found that fans will only visit a stadium they feel is safe, comfortable and clean.1 And that was before COVID-19. Because of the pandemic, fan expectations for health and safety have only risen—requiring stadium management to take its hygiene game to the next level. Stadium events in the US, particularly […]

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future theme parks covid hygiene

The future of theme parks is in your hands [hand hygiene]

What will it take to bring guests back to theme parks – and bring the parks back to life during and after COVID-19? As of August 2020, Disney World attendance was down 80% – eighty-percent – over 2019, according to a report from Deutsch Bank.1 Even after reopening in July, Disney soon cut back its hours due to the simple […]

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sports stadium innovations

New sports stadium innovations help attract and handle crowds

Is the stadium business in big trouble, or full of promise for growth? How you answer that question depends on what type of event you’re holding, and how you’re attracting and keeping fans. If you’re in sports, you’ve been looking at trouble now for several years. Major League Baseball alone saw a million more empty […]

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Five technology trends taking center stage in performance venues

Even in an increasingly virtual world, live events are big business, with US concert and event revenues projected at $31 billion for 2018 (not including franchise sporting events or business conferences). Rather than conflicting with each other, the virtual and real worlds are intersecting to enhance events, driven by innovative technology trends that can pay […]

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Is Poor Hygiene the Dirty Little Secret Behind Fan Loss at Stadiums?

The continued decline in attendance at live sporting events is blamed on a variety of causes, from the rise of screen-loving millennials to the even steeper rise in ticket prices. In truth, many factors are driving the decline – but one in particular may be getting dangerously overlooked: good hygiene. Stadium bathrooms are a big […]

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How Your Athletic Facility Can Win Big with Sustainable Cleaning Practices

Health departments are crying foul over some less-than-sanitary conditions prevalent at athletic venues. An ESPN special report found that at 28 percent of all the major league stadiums in North America, foodservice operations had been cited for critical or major health violations. While it’s obviously difficult to ensure complete cleanliness when serving thousands of customers […]

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Three Reasons Hotels and Restaurants Are Buzzing About Bees

You expect to see people in all sorts of fancy suits at high-end hotels and restaurants. But a beekeeper’s suit? Most definitely. If you look past all the Giorgio Armani-clothed patrons checking in at the Fairmont in Georgetown, the New York Hilton, or the Carmel Valley Ranch in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, you may also notice a […]

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Apps to Help Navigate Cruise Lines: Recreation Round-Up

Apps to Help Navigate Cruise Lines. Anyone planning a cruise these days quickly learns that major lines such as Disney, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean have their own smartphone apps to help passengers navigate their floating cities and discover on-board entertainment, spa services and ports of call. And for most travelers, that’s more than enough information. […]

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