commercial kitchen flow

Three reasons restaurant owners can’t sleep (and three cures)

Owners of quick service restaurants, fast casual chains, and casual dining concepts all have one thing in common: a more challenging business environment than ever. With more competition, fewer workers and continued competitive expansion, the situation is enough to keep any restauranteur awake at night. There are, however, a few basic steps that you can […]

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retain millennial workers

How to retain millennial workers with a simple lunch break

There’s one easy way to help retain your millennial workers in this tight labor market: let them each lunch. Recent research shows that while 90% of employees say that the ability to take a lunch break is critical to their decision to accept a job, only 37% of millennials feel empowered to take time for […]

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Composting for restaurants

How restaurants turn trash into treasure via composting

Restaurants are discovering new benefits in the composting movement, because it improves a very specific slice of the environment – their business environment. In this article, a sustainability advocate explains how composting programs can lower a restaurant’s waste disposal costs while raising its profile among the rapidly-growing group of sustainability-minded customers. You’ll discover seven key […]

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restaurant delivery

How to make your restaurant stand out in a delivery world

Wonderful restaurant you’ve got there. Great write up in the local paper. Even better online reviews–and best of all, terrific food. Too bad nobody wants to come in and eat it. “Nobody” may be overly dramatic for the moment, but only for the moment. Delivery and takeout has been growing 300% faster than dine-in business, […]

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get restaurants through the labor shortage

Four labor-saving ideas to get restaurants through the labor shortage

It’s hardly a news flash to say the restaurant industry is struggling through a major labor shortage. In fact, a 2018 study showed that nearly 60% of restaurant managers point to hiring, training and retaining staff as their biggest challenge. And while the most common response may be to get more competitive for employees, with […]

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Five tips to keep your restaurant’s catering from cratering

In the last decade, the crush of new competition has forced restauranteurs to look for revenue beyond their dining rooms — and catering has emerged as one of the biggest boosts to the bottom line. It is now a $58 billion business in the U.S. — fully 11% of total foodservice industry revenue — and […]

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Five Missing Links to Chain Restaurant Success

If you’re in the chain restaurant business, you may feel like new competitors, not customers, have been eating your lunch. Restaurant traffic is down, and delivery is up, driven, literally, by the disruptive likes of Uber Eats and Grub Hub. Convenience is the killer app, served up by everyone from supermarkets with healthy meal kits […]

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Four Ways Ecommerce Can Grow Your Foodservice Business

The foodservice industry has sometimes been slow to capitalize on all that ecommerce offers. For instance, the second-largest distributor in the US was still taking orders by fax, phone and paper as recently as 2013. Now, however, as foodservice players of all sizes learn to thrive in the digital era, the “e” is rapidly coming […]

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How to Make Meal Kits a Convenient Path to Growth

It was the perfect dinnertime storm: time-strapped online natives (millennials), with a taste for the fresh and interesting, discovered meal kit delivery services and signed up in droves, pushing US sales to some $4.65 billion annually by 2017. The foodservice industry faced massive disruption. Retail, in the form of brick and mortar grocery, suffered another […]

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