12 Small Business Tools for Smooth Sailing in 2015: Office Round-Up

12 Small Business Tools for Smooth Sailing in 2015. The past year was big for any small business that works online, and while many businesses focused on getting their finances in check to prepare for the following year, the big influence for majority of small business owners was customer care and understanding — one of the trends we will see throughout the year 2015 and onwards. Read more at www.huffingtonpost.com

E-Commerce Sales Techniques That Will Ward off Seasonal Slumps. Nearly every industry has slow times. All too often, however, those slumps are considered inevitable. I don’t think that’s the case. Obviously, if you sell something like Christmas trees or fireworks, you’re going to have peak seasons. Slumps, however, should be avoided. Here are 11 suggestions for keeping the holiday slumps away. Read more at www.forbes.com

E-Commerce Is Changing, And So Are The Business Opportunities It Creates. Even conservative estimates put e-commerce growth at 16 percent growth every year in the U.S., or doubling every five years. While Amazon, eBay and the countless brick-and-mortars with an online presence still hold a lot of the market share, there are still quite a few business opportunities out there to break into the market. Read more at www.forbes.com